Mary Gaudin

Born in the South Island of New Zealand, Mary Gaudin studied photography at Westminster
University in London. Mary is a photographer and lives in the south of France.

01 - What’s in your bag today?

There are always one or 2 books in my bag as I’m often at the post office to send off orders of a book Giles Reid & I have recently self-published. Since having a dog there are always lots of random doggy bits & bobs at the bottom of my bag. Always a lipstick and my treasured Kamaroan purse.

02 - Where is your favourite place to go every day?

At the moment I’m making almost daily trips to the beach to walk our dog and to dip into the sea for a winter swim.

03 - If you could carry someone around with you in your bag, who would it be? And why?

The French designer Charlotte Perriand. She looked like she was always having so much fun, designing places and things from the heart.

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